Elements Used in a Data Warehouse

Many Business Intelligence solutions are based on the use of a data warehouse. Here is a view of the components of a data warehouse both logically and physically.  The data warehouse consists of several different elements: The source can come from legacy systems that are usually an operational system used … Continue reading

Linux: Grep Script to Search Multiple Directories

Audience that may find this useful will mostly be new Linux administrators. This is a Command Line Interface (CLI) Shell script that once set up using the directories you want to search.  All you will have to do is enter the word or phrase that you are trying to search and it … Continue reading

Expect – For more remote work, automation, & CI

If you ever have a situation were you want to run scripts automatically this will help. You can even time the events through cron or CI (continual integration) software like Hudson/Jenkins. Let me introduce you to a new command I was not aware of until this year. It is called … Continue reading

Force Jenkins to connect to remote sites.

Problem: You created an awesome script on Linux that builds your application that will automatically upload to another server via sftp or ssh. You want to go a step further and have Jenkins run the same script. Every time Jenkins runs the script it fails. You Curse Jenkins/Hudson and start … Continue reading

Java | Constructor vs. Method

If you are within your first year of application development in Java you may have asked yourself this question. I know I did. What is the difference? Here is a reference list that I have compiled for your convenience. Download the excel file and build upon other comparisons you need … Continue reading

Cyber Crime: Risk Assessment

Cyber Crime: A Clear and Present Danger This is the excel file used for this post –>   Risk-Registry.xlsx Information systems give great ways to communicate and learn, but also allow nefarious others access to exploit the power of the Internet for terrorist and/or criminal purposes. Criminal warfare has moved to … Continue reading

Qualitative risk assessment of RFID

Below is a short qualitative risk assessment of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) I have pieced together.  In order to highlight strengths, weaknesses and benefits. May it help you come to a conclusion on how would you deploy this technology while minimizing its risks? Category Risk Impact Probability Affects Customer QoS for … Continue reading

Risk Assessment of Cloud Computing

Below, I have  Performed a short qualitative risk assessment of cloud computing that may be used as guidance for any company thinking of moving to the cloud.  Showing some of the strengths, weaknesses and benefits? Risks Risk Description Probability Impact Risk Affects Lock-in Difficult to migrate from one service provide to the … Continue reading

Model View Control

Introduction Model View Control (MVC)  is a 3 level architecture that decouples the interface from navigation and application behavior, mostly because keeping the applications together creates a huge mess when it is time to redesign you program. MVC patterns will simplify implementation and greatly enhance re-usability. It should always be … Continue reading

3 Reasons for BI

So you have been working with business intelligent tools for a while but when confronted by the COO on why you think they would be a good fit for your company you cannot figure out how to explain it to him/her.Here I have posted and describe three arguments you may use … Continue reading


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