As a child my interest was the same as my Dad’s career, I was making radio’s and light curtain switches before I was 10.

By the time I was 10 my dad had purchased a computer and I learned how to create line code.  I enjoyed playing with the rest of the kids in the street but on rainy days, this is what I did. 1,000+ lines of code later I had created a text based game. It was a boxing game.

My Dad did not like his job as a plant electrician and verbally commented about it wh he thought I was not in the room. When I was 13  he had paid around $500 for a Kilobyte of memory (I cannot remember the model off hand but it was before the Commador came out).  He would always be late to dinner stating he would be up in another 5 minutes.

Seeing how he enjoyed his time on a computer I chose this field as my own, at the age of 13.

By the time I graduated from high school I did not see any options for college and a good future was not going to spring from McDonald’s. I ended up joining the Military with a scholarship worth $65,000 for going Airborne Ranger.

While in the military the most useful skills I honed was taking initiative, leading others, and having the courage to jump out of a perfectly good plane. All joking aside the time I spend training my subordinates started to open my eyes to what I found later to be a calling (I wanted to teach).

With the scholarship money to date I have obtained a Master’s in Information Systems Management. All the time in college just enforced the idea of teaching.  I want to help others, so that they can go on to do what they want to do in there career.

Currently I am looking for any position I can fill in West Michigan that will give me more ISM/IT & PM experience.

On a personal note I have a beautiful family and enjoy the time I have with them.

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