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Adam M. Erickson

914 Benston Rd. Whitehall, MI 49461

 (231) 755-0745


My goal is to obtain a dynamic, challenging opportunity that contributes to the outstanding success of the business via 15+ years Information Technology experience and education from various industries.


Project Management Quality Control Engineering PL\SQL Scripting Deployment Automation
Application Engineering DevOps Engineering Agile Programming Test Engineering
Server Management Full Stack Development Network Management Business Analysis


GORDON FOOD SERVICE – Wyoming, MI 03 / 2015 – 12 / 2016

Software Engineer, Production Support

Highlight of skills: Project Management, Application Development, and Software Quality Control Engineer, PL\SQL Scripting, Application Development

Technology Used: SonarQube, Jenkins, Crucible and confluence and Oracle SQL developer. Linux, Jira, Fisheye, Crucible, Eclipse, Jenkins, Junit, Swing, Spring, Spring Boot, Java, Shell, Mavin, Jira, Weblogic, Oracle Database Developer, Toad, Maximo, PL/SQL, and Subversion.

  • As an application developer participated with a team of 10 personnel to improve the warehouse management system. The goal of the WMS team was to continuously improve the system that was created in house and to provide support 100+ internal customers in over 15 locations in the US and Canada. Using development & troubleshooting tools and technologies: I stayed involved in the agile software development lifecycle through designing, coding, testing, debugging and support and communicated technical objectives to management. I was able to take on direct emergency changes to the code to support uptime of distribution centers as well as fix bugs for the usability of the software and by implementing functional enhancements and performance improvements. Successfully problem shot issues during business day and on call of all distribution locations. Wither faulty PL/SQL code or Application design by implementing functional enhancements and performance improvements. My team was always acknowledged for are high customer satisfaction.
  • As the Quality Control Engineer for my team I was in charge of leading the team’s software quality standards and practice for the warehouse management system, problem resolution according to established coding standards and company established quality control and code metrics. By making sure are team were following coding standards and using agile development practices. I documented and shared metrics with the team on how the code was changing and how many bugs came out of a release and made sure we were ready for internal and external reviews by quality assurance auditing teams. While I had the position, there was no negative review from auditing teams. All coding standards and review processes were practiced by the team as documented.
  •  I was tasked with working with the support representatives and local computer operators at each of our 17 distribution centers in order to plan annual operating budget plans. Planning involved communicating what devices would be out of scope because of age or the devices and printers inability to work with our software and licenses that were expiring to each center. Letting each center know what was a capital or operational expense. Once a center had agreed to the next year budget plan I provided, I would send out the RFQs to our supplier and follow up as the main contact all centers for contractual questions.
  • In order to release updates to over 4,000 devices throughout the continent. I lead the project to acquire, design, and document the release of the Mobile Deployment Web Solution by MobiControl. While leading the deployment, I was able to cut the release schedule in half by providing deployment specs to several distribution centers at once and communicating with local computer operators on multiple shifts. In retrospect, I would have given more of a buffer to the project because of the legal agreement of the contract had taken several months.
IBM – East Lansing, MI 01 / 2012 – 03/2015

Application Development & Information Systems Consultant

Highlight of skills: While working for IBM I provided expertise in completion of systems designs, software development and enterprise wide implementation of projects for clients including: Coca-Cola Enterprises, Morgan Stanley Smith Blarney, Best Buy and Consumers Energy.

Technologies Used:  Linux, Eclipse, Trac, Tomcat, Apache, Eclipse, Java, Maven, Ant, Linux, AWS, Jenkins, Junit, Swing, Java, Shell, PL/SQL, Python , HPQC, Splunk, SharePoint, MS Visio, MS Project, Subversion,  IBM Connections  and SharePoint 2012.


  • Coca Cola Corporation –Within a team of 20+ remote and local colleagues to developed and deployed the new My Coke Rewards web application: I was initially in charge of release management and additional development operations to communicate changes and release cycles between developers, project managers, architects, and test engineers. I was able to reduce the time to deploy from 40 minutes to 10 minutes by using shell scripting on versioning server, to the build server and automating the at a remote hosting sight. This allowed for immediate testing of changes from 3 times a day to 12 times that I placed on a scheduled release. This greatly opened up my time to participate in creating Junit test and assisting architects with the movement of the web application to AWS in order to take advantage of EC2 instances being able to auto scale based on server loads using elastic beanstalk.
  • Best Buy Corporation – I was brought on to the project as a business analyst and within the second month replaced the senior information systems infrastructure architect during the Macro design phase to provide senior technical analysis and research of collaboration tools, workflow management tools and product quality management solutions. While on the I team I provided IBM and Microsoft solutions for Best Buy’s product quality department, supported technical preparation for design workshops and conference room pilot sessions, and worked with client to consolidate and document non-functional requirements.  Some of the solutions required me to designed and present proof of concept using SharePoint 2012 and IBM Connections. Best Buy decided to refuse all solutions based on potential privatization of the company. Before leaving I replaced there share drive spreadsheet with an application built using MS Access as a frontend and backend solution in order for them to track product quality recalls more efficiently.
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Blarney Integration – In order to help in the development of the integration of Smith Blarney, I ran several meetings with clients to around the world to analyze business requirements and user requirements needed and what test were needed across multiple investment and retirement funds management applications.  Once all test were recorded in HPQC, I recorded all completed test and designed executive reports based on testing metrics to upper management.
  • Consumers Energy – In order to implement the Smart Metering solution, I was tasked with Created functional specification SAP reports that included: dependencies reports, process flow diagrams, validation and error resolution, security requirements, UML models, functional testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, sample reports, business rule to data mapping & role to position mapping and other required technical documentation for initial release and to verify that all business and technical owners signed off on reports before development could begin. I also set up all test in HPQC. While on the project I was expended three times by request to continue meeting with vendors in order to also participate in the design and implement of Google Maps reporting of all meters owned by Consumers Energy.


DDM MARKETING – Grand Rapids, MI 09 / 2009 – 02 / 2010

Systems Administrator

Technologies used: Apple, Linux Servers, VMware Server ESX, Windows SBS 2008 &  Windows Exchange 2008, Shell, PHP, Perl, Apache and MySQL and Samba. Protocols such as IPSec, DNS, LDAP, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, and FTP

  • While working for DDM I performed conversion and integration of servers into the VMware environment to reduce downtime and allow for HA failover. The server Infrastructure hosted websites & email for 200+ clients. I also upgraded of the VMware server from 3.4 to 3.5 successfully.
  • Additionally planned, procured, installed and administered tools to maintain systems up time.
  • Support for systems and 25 mobile billable employees at all times.
GREAT LAKES DIE CAST –  Muskegon, MI 01 / 2005 – 09 / 2009

Information Technology Specialist

Technologies used: Nagios, Linux Server, Windows server 2003, Active Directory, WINS, DHCP, DNS, WatchGuard Firewall, SQL 2005 and VOIP.

  • Oversaw maintenance for all servers, networks and databases. Creating backup and recovery plan for all servers and upgrades from Windows Server 95 to Active Directory Window server 2003.
  • Developed and implemented intranet site to support information sharing across all departments.
  • Administered several Microsoft servers NT-2003, including SQL, CAD, Exchange, Active Directory and Telecommunications.
  • Instructed personnel in such areas as: training; making adjustments to improve production, including the scheduling and coordinating of data entry operations for optimal use of workstations and print devices.
  • Implemented a reject tag tracking system for the quality department using IIS and using an open source .NET solution.
GEEK SQUAD-  Muskegon, MI 2006 – 2007

Counter Representative and Repair

  • Gained excellent experience in soft skills necessary to communicate technology to others
UNITED STATES ACTIVE ARMY –  Fort Bragg, NC 07 / 1995 – 10 / 2000

Airborne Paratrooper Squad Leader

  • During my service, I actively demonstrated my abilities to lead small team from 3-7 in training, operations, and additional duties as required.
  • Attributes honed in the military included dedication, leadership, teamwork, positive work ethic and cross-functional skills.
  • Honorable discharge



Masters of Information Systems Management – GPA 3.83

The focus of the MISIS was focused on business management and advanced level information system topics that included: Project Leadership, Project Management, Project Risk, Quality Management, Financial Management, Business Information Systems, System Analysis and Design, Information Security and Assurance, Digital Forensics & Incidence response, , Business Intelligence, Database Design, Web Application Design and Analysis, cash flow management, pricing strategy,  business intelligence and evaluation of analytical data used in strategic decision making,  and cost analysis.

Master thesis was in building Web Applications using Open Source Technology


Bachelors of Science Computer Information Systems – GPA 3.62

Covering technical & professional presentation, advanced object-oriented programming (OOP), systems analysis, design and implementation, web application development the   team developed web application using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and MySQL. Technical & Professional Presentation of the sight was as important and the working application.


Associates in Applied Science Computer Programming – GPA 3.89

Courses covered C, C++, Java and RPG programming. Language syntax and debugging, and fundamentals of Object Oriented programming


Associates in Applied Science Computer Networking – GPA 3.89

Designed and build data communication networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) like the Internet, extranets and intranets. Studied protocols and hardware used to transfer data across wide area networks.


Associates in Applied Science Computer Applications – GPA 3.89

Advance training with word processing, electronic spreadsheet, and database software.  Learned to developed new microcomputer-based applications using fourth-generation languages.

Additional Awards, Training and Certifications


Financial Management for Project Managers – Distributed Learning (PM63G) – 2015
Creating and Tailoring Project Management Systems – JIT (PM76G)- 2014
Review for Experienced Project Managers: Concepts (PM15D) -2014
Understanding WWPMM (PM36G) – 2013


PowerCenter 9.x Level 1 Developer –  2012


Certification of Advanced Studies in Project Management – 2013
Certificate Center of Excellence in Information Assurance from Homeland Security – 2014


Squad Team Leadership – 1999

Other Job Related Activities

Providing free technical consulting and development to non-profit organizations in West Michigan

Continuing my education in development by taking online courses:

Development and marketing of Android Applications –

Topics covered: Building 14 applications using Java, JSON, API’s, Data Storage,  Android Developer,  Maps and Geo-location, Android Wear, data storage and  other advanced android features.

Full Stack Development –

Three foundation certifications: Front End, Data Visualization, and Back End development are required with an additional 800 hours of developing applications for nonprofit organizations to complete.  Topics cover Responsive design in bootstrap, Query, Chrome Developer Tools, API projects, DOM, Dynamic Web Application Project, React Projects, advanced algorithms.

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