Unofficial Transcript

Listed in reverse chronological order.

Graduate Level Courses

MISM 799 Integrated Capstone Project A
MISM 662 Pen. Testing and Vulnerability Assessment A
MISM 680 Digital Forensics and Incident Response A
MISM 629 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business B+
MISM 661 Information Security Assurance A
MISM 660 Project Risk and Quality Management A
MISM 650 Project Leadership A
MISM 740 Business Intelligence A
MISM 670 Network Management and Design A
MISM 634 Financial Management for Information Sys B
MISM 610 Database Management Administration A
MMBA 601 Professional Skills Development A-
MMBA 640 Project Management A

Undergraduate Level Courses

ISYS 489 Web-Based Sys Develop-Implementation A
ISYS 488 Web-Based Sys Analysis-Design A
BUSN 499 Integrating Experience B-
ISYS 411 Project Management A
MGMT 370 Quality-Operations Management A-
ISYS 470 Database Administration A
ISYS 321 Business Information Systems A-
ISYS 371 Advanced Database Design-Implement A
FINC 322 Financial Management 1 B
ENGL 325 Advanced Business Writing B
COMM 336 Tech and Prof Presentation A-
BUS 102 Principles of Accounting II C
CIS 250 Developing Information Systems A
BUS 123 Business Law I C+
ECON 102 Principles of Economics B+
ECON 101 Principles of Economics B-
MATH 115 Probability & Statistics C+
CIS 280 Java Programming A
PHIL 205 Business Ethics B-
CIS 283 Advanced Local Area Network Administration B+
CIS 287 Computer Digit Video Editing A
CIS 293 Contemporary Issues in Network Design B
CIS 253A Database Design/Implementation B
CIS 187 Multimedia Digitizing A
CIS 185 ‘C’ Programming A
CIS 243 Telecommunications B+
CIS 210 Operating Systems Concepts B-
CIS 143 Local Area Networks C+
CIS 209 A+ Certification B-
CIS 193A Intro. To Operating Systems B
CIS 160 Programming Small Computers: Basic-Visual C+
CIS 183 Networking Technologies C+
CIS 163 Visual Basic for Application B
CIS 153 Intro Database Management A
BUS 200 International Business A
BUS 101 Principles of Accounting I B
MATH 111 Algebra with Coordinate Geometry B
BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communication A-
CIS 109 Personal Computer Maintenance B
BUS 260 Principles of Marketing A
MATH 109 College Algebra with Applications A-
CIS 257 Design Internet Applications A
CIS 133 Computer Center Operations A-
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Info. Systems B+
COM 101 Oral Communications B
BUS 122 Principles of Management A
BUS 127 Human Relations A

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