Make sure you have committed to SCM before Production Build

Maven/BitBucket Validation for Production Code Deployment Introduction The justification for this document is to express a way to secure company code and create a possible company standardization for the WAR naming convention that is easily tracked back to a BitBucket commit that was used to deploy an interface to UAT … Continue reading

Run Fortify from Maven

Installing Fortify SCM Maven Plugin sca-maven-plugin supports Maven 3.0.5, 3.5.x And 3.6.x Installing This document is only viable if you already have Fortify installed for running with the Scan Wizard and Audit workbench. From: C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_20.1.0\plugins\maven or wherever you installed Fortify Copy: (poor success with the binary zip, choose … Continue reading

SAP-B1 | Pack List for Sales Orders | SQL | Crystal Report

Looking for a better packing list for your shippers to view? This one will add descriptions and notes from the sales order text lines (unless the word “Freight Charge” is in the text line). Lines will be  added them in the same ‘visual order’ as the shipping order. It will … Continue reading

Show All PO Lines in PO Pack List for SAP Business One Crystal Reports

It is so hard to find useful information for SAP. I hope this helps. I created this document in SAP Business One 9.2 and Crystal Reports 2011. Database Expert If you think you can find a good relationship between ORDR, RDR1 and RDR10…good luck. I needed to create a command … Continue reading

ETL – Data Wharehouse

Above is the common elements that make up a Data Warehouse. The data warehouse consists of several different elements, the source can come from legacy systems that are usually an operational system used by the corporation or external data sources, the data staging area where it is processed and moved … Continue reading

rsnapshot: Auto Version Controlled Backup for Unix/Linux/Mac/BSD…

Red Had Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6. I missed the ease of configuration and all the free tools that people smarter than me have created. I would like to do a fast post on rsnapshot. I have seen ssh and rsnapshot scheduled in cron to automate backups of OSX to a … Continue reading

Linux: Compiz Grid Plugin

After working on a few projects in windows, I finally moved my primary workstation back to Linux (RHEL 6.6). Out of the box everything worked fine, only one thing was missing, the ability to place a window were I needed it. In Windows 7  you can drag a full screen … Continue reading

Elements Used in a Data Warehouse

Many Business Intelligence solutions are based on the use of a data warehouse. Here is a view of the components of a data warehouse both logically and physically.  The data warehouse consists of several different elements: The source can come from legacy systems that are usually an operational system used … Continue reading