Qualitative risk assessment of RFID

Below is a short qualitative risk assessment of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) I have pieced together.  In order to highlight strengths, weaknesses and benefits. May it help you come to a conclusion on how would you deploy this technology while minimizing its risks? Category Risk Impact Probability Affects Customer QoS for … Continue reading

Risk Assessment of Cloud Computing

Below, I have  Performed a short qualitative risk assessment of cloud computing that may be used as guidance for any company thinking of moving to the cloud.  Showing some of the strengths, weaknesses and benefits? Risks Risk Description Probability Impact Risk Affects Lock-in Difficult to migrate from one service provide to the … Continue reading

Model View Control

Introduction Model View Control (MVC)  is a 3 level architecture that decouples the interface from navigation and application behavior, mostly because keeping the applications together creates a huge mess when it is time to redesign you program. MVC patterns will simplify implementation and greatly enhance re-usability. It should always be … Continue reading

3 Reasons for BI

So you have been working with business intelligent tools for a while but when confronted by the COO on why you think they would be a good fit for your company you cannot figure out how to explain it to him/her.Here I have posted and describe three arguments you may use … Continue reading

Ethics in Business Intelligence

The type of ethics in business intelligence (BI) is the ethical principles of conduct that govern an individual in the workplace or a company in general. It is also known as professional ethics and not to be confused with other forms of philosophical ethics including religious conviction, or popular conviction. … Continue reading

Risk Management Planning

Risk Management Plan Risk Management Planning Risk management typically follows four stages in an iterative process. These are identification, assessment, planning and monitoring. They should be followed at project start-up and then monitored in response to change, completion of project stages. One of the main reasons why risk-management activities fail … Continue reading

Develope a Web Based CMS Using PHP

Download this File Here Abstract The Content Management System (CMS) is a web based application using a Linux Server, Apache Web-server, MySQL Database, and PHP Programming Language (LAMP). The objective of managing users, and information in any given network environment can only be hindered by the creativity of an information … Continue reading

Enhance VIM

While VI has been used for years, in current Linus & iOS systems a lot of people have resorted to using Vim. There are a lot of tricks to Vim that can make it easier to use. Some may not be active by default and I wanted a chance to … Continue reading