Digital Forensics

               Reviewing the concept of anti-forensics, which can be described as being:  “…more than technology. It is an approach to criminal hacking that can be summed up like this: Make it hard for them to find you and impossible for them to prove they found you” (Berinato, 2007).  The … Continue reading

Critical Chain Safety

Safety is a necessary CYOA mentality that most project managers need projects can finish on time. Trying to balance time management with resources needed is what it is all about and can be summed up in 3 steps; planning, execution, and monitoring. 1. Planning: Two durations are entered for each … Continue reading

Open Source Software in Digital Forensics

The purpose of this research paper is to research information on open source digital forensic tools that are assess-able for free, usually online. To review types of digital forensic tools available and what they do. The basic definition of what open source and digital forensics is will be defined, and … Continue reading

Geographic Systems in Business

Geographic Information System (GIS) started out as just a proprietary system that used its own standards into a position of using technology standards and technology-based standards to be accepted by the IT community as another form of information technology that could help manage business. It has become one of the … Continue reading

Sources of Data for Business intelligence

Raw data on its own is not very useful, it is just stacks of symbols, sounds, pictures, numbers or words. After data is collected the ability to connect the data, to give it relational meaning is when data becomes useful information. Information can answer questions of who, what, when and … Continue reading


BackTrack Open-Source Penetration Testing Tools

BackTrack for Open-Source Penetration Testing The purpose of this research paper is to research information on the open source tool BackTrack that is used for several network security testing and information systems security testing through various means, and focusing on penetration tools found in BackTrack. BackTrack has hundreds of very … Continue reading